Commercial Wash Systems

Prestige sells, services, and installs commercial wash systems in our home provinces our Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Just like our detail supplies, we work with multiple Canadian manufacturers and part suppliers to bring you the best possible cost, quality, and options. Prestige can guide you through your wash choices and ultimately help you choose the right wash system to maximize your profit.


As an NCS Distributor we have direct access to Mcneil, Ryko, Vacutec, PurClean and TSS. We also have access to a ton of other equipment including anything from tunnel washes to in-bay automatics, rollovers, and self serve equipment. If you are looking at anything specific, there is a good chance that we are already a supplier for it. 


Branding your wash with the best brands available can get you new clientel and more revenue per wash. Proven results will have your clients comming back time and time again. We even offer standard signage to help boost revenue generating products like Rain-X Original, Rain-X Graphene, Ceramic Seal, and Extreme Shine at no cost to you! For more information on the brands and how branding can greatly benefit your wash click here and download the branding benefits information pdf. 


After your brand new system has been installed, Prestige will be there to ensure that your system is working it’s best with routine maintenance and service.


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