Prestige Industrial Chemicals

We are a Saskatchewan based family owned business providing products, tools and expertise for cleaning and reconditioning of vehicles and equipment. We have offices in Saskatchewan and Manitoba that service over 350 customers in the the automotive, farm implement, light industrial, commercial wash, marine and detailing sectors. 

Our focus is on providing quality products, tools and training that enable our customers to maximize profitability while delivering superior results to their clients. We led the introduction of employee safe environmentally responsible cleaning chemicals to Saskatchewan and these Clean Health products continue to grow in popularity.

We began with the purchase of Rons Professional Auto Care – what we believe is the longest operating top end vehicle detailing business in Saskatchewan. We experienced first hand the frustration of sales people calling on us that had little product knowledge and buying products that simply didn’t work.

Then we discovered a Western Canadian company that was building Clean Health products that worked wonderfully and were safe for our both our staff and customer vehicles. When they asked us to be their distributor, Prestige Chemical was born. Since 2008, we have been bringing our experience and these products to over 300 customers in the automotive, agricultural, light industry and commercial wash sectors.

We continued to add new manufacturers and new products building a catalog of over 300 field tested products for you to choose from. All new products are first tested in our facility to ensure they work well in the challenging Saskatchewan environmental conditions. When you buy from Prestige, you can be confident in the performance of the product – we unconditionally guarantee it.

We are a family run business with outstanding customer service, experience and great products that you will enjoy using and that will save you money too. Our business is run by a father, son and uncle supported by a host dogs and some significant others. We take your business seriously but like to have some fun too so expect our website to have dog pictures, interesting stories and useful tips. We look forward to meeting and working with you!