Clean Health

Since 2008, Prestige has been leading the introduction of Clean, Health products for the automotive, industrial and commercial wash sectors. Clean Health refers to products that do not contain poisons, acids or other caustic or dangerous additives typically found in other products.

Safe for your staff – safe for the environment – safe on equipment and vehicles

Why should you care about Clean Health?

  • Improve productivity and profit. For our vehicle conditioning customers, these products enable process changes that speed the conditioning of vehicles that is simply not possible with traditional formulations. Improved productivity means fewer permanent or seasonal staff are required and the high dilution rates of Clean Health products means lower supply cost and improved profit.
  • Better protection for employees. Staff working in the close confines of a vehicle or wash bay absorb chemicals through direct contact with skin and through inhalation. Traditionally built products give staff headaches, makes them feel lethargic and irritates exposed skin surfaces. Continual exposure may also lead to longer term health issues. Clean Health products do not contain the toxins, acids or solvents typically found in a traditional formulation.
  • Minimize potential for vehicle or equipment damage. Clean Health products are safer for vehicles and equipment. Traditional formulations have the potential to damage equipment, and vehicle surfaces such as interior vinyl, exterior painted surfaces, trim and wheel rims. Using Clean Health products is particularly important for customers that experience regular staff turnover.
  • Environmentally responsible. Not all customers care about this, but those who care about their environmental footprint, Clean Health products are safer for the environment.

Where it is not possible to move to a totally Clean Health product , such as tire and rim cleaners, Prestige can provide a safer choice that contains buffers to prevent vehicle damage from an application error.