Tornador Deodorizer 2oz

Product Code: 30-Tec-285

Odor Treatment

The Tornador Deodorizer helps you remove smells from various surfaces with ease! There is nothing worse than an interior that stinks. You can take many steps to combat this, not eating in your vehicle, cleaning often, etc. but sometimes smells can happen and linger even with the use of an air freshener. With the Deodorizer, you can remove odors, not simply cover them up. To deodorize the interior, pour 2 oz. into the 32oz. jar on your Tornador unit. Do not add any water and simply spray the Deodorizer to create a fog inside the vehicle, room, office, or area being targeted. For maximum efficiency, spray vents, cloth fabrics, headliners, visors, seat belts, and carpets. Allow the formula to dwell with all of your windows and doors closed for at least 10-15 minutes or until the fog dissipates from view. Deodorizer utilizes molecular scientific technology to trap and eliminate malodors. Reach for this product to remove smells using your Tornador unit at any time!

If you are purchasing from a business or commercial location, please contact us prior to purchase as you may be eligible for additional discounts

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