G-Maxx Graphene Detail Spray

Product Code: 60-TEC58416

Protectants, Polish, Spray Waxes

G-MAX™ Graphene Detail Spray features ceramic and graphene infusion to provide superior gloss and protection. TEC584 is the latest in exterior car care. The product takes the ease of use of a detail spray and turns the performance up to 11. Surface slickness is off the charts. Water beading is unstoppable. Gloss is eye piercing. Protection is the max. G-MAX™ Graphene Detail Spray is a versatile product which can be used on all of today's modern vehicle surfaces. The spray and wipe product is effortless and gives whole vehicle protection within minutes. Repeated use of the product builds layers of protection and only enhances the overall look and protective qualities. Product separates by design. Shake well just before use! Protection lasts up to 6 months. Available in 16oz and 1gal sizes.

If you are purchasing from a business or commercial location, please contact us prior to purchase as you may be eligible for additional discounts

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