AHS Rain-x Online Protectant

Product Code: NCS-V36424

CC Protectants, Sealants & Waxes

Ultra-Flex Rain-x Online Protectant V36424

Scented liquid concentrate protectant containing surface reactive silicone and other polymers that provide durable water repellency and shine for windows, chrome and painted surfaces

Features & Benefits

  • 30+ days all-surface protection and improved water repellency
  • Creates intense shine on multiple vehicle surfaces
  • Repeated applications build protective layer, product durability and enhanced performance
  • Contains UV protection
  • Provides increased protection against surface degradation such as paint oxidation and dulling
  • Huckleberry scented for customer appeal
  • Designed to be applied in low and high-pressure spray applications
  • Vehicle wash reclaim water-compatible product
  • Formula bonds and cures to vehicle surface to create long-lasting protection and improved water repellency

If you are purchasing from a business or commercial location, please contact us prior to purchase as you may be eligible for additional discounts

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