AHS Rain-x Graphene

Product Code: NCS-V38424

CC Protectants, Sealants & Waxes

An ultra-concentrated protection product infused with Rain X® Graphene technology. It provides a superior shine, protection, and hydrophobicity. Rain X® Graphene promotes incredible water break with a deep penetrating, foaming application. A long-lasting fragrance has been incorporated for customer appeal in the scented version. Incredible UV protection will shield the vehicle from damaging UV light and keep the vehicle finish looking brand new. For use in all types of washes and all appropriate applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra-Concentrated = Convenience and Value
  • UV Protection = Protects finish from sun
  • Beading and fast water break = Water repellency and drier cars
  • High Gloss finish = Protective barrier and excellent shine
  • Fragrance = Customer appeal
  • Versatile = Flexibility in product application

If you are purchasing from a business or commercial location, please contact us prior to purchase as you may be eligible for additional discounts

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