Our Team

Peter Yeo

Managing Partner

(306) 352-1343 Cell: (306) 537-5491

Peter is the managing partner for Prestige Chemicals. His vision for the company extends beyond simply buying better products – with his 30 years experience in...
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Ryan Yeo

Product Specialist

(306) 352-1343 Cell: (306) 501-4510

Ryan has been working with the family business since he was 15. Working at Ron’s Professional Auto Detailing (our sister company) through high school, he learned the ins...
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Murray Boys (Ray)

Managing Partner

(306) 352-4676

Ray is the managing partner for Ron’s Professional Auto Detailing. Ray has worked in the customer product and service sector all through his career. His attention to...
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Warehouse Superviser

Cola is unconditional love wrapped up in 70 pounds of labradoodle. She has been a part of Peter's life for over 10 years and though she is now blind in one eye and walks a little slower, she still has a zest for life and particularly loves the water.



Cooper, Ryan’s 8-year-old boarder collie mix, enjoys walks and lazing around the house during the winter. In the summer, he enjoys laying in the sun all day and barking at squirrels that pass by on the neighbour’s fence or on the powerline.


Fashion Advisor

 Lua, Ryan's 1 year old mini Goldendoodle, is a ball of energy and doesn’t seem to ever sit still unless she is sleeping. She enjoys doing laps around the yard, bugging Cooper, posing for pictures, and invading everyone’s personal space with lots of kisses.

The Mutts


Ray plays host to four mutts – a poodle, two spaniels (brother and sister), and a shepherd cross foundling. Remarkably, each is crazier than the next, so there is never a dull moment at the Boys household!