Divoctant Disinfectant

Product Code: 10-51205

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DIVOCTANT is a proven and trusted Multi-Purpose 1-step surface Disinfectant Cleaner. It is approved by Health Canada for use for agricultral, barn, hospital, food, and institutional/industrial purposes.

• Cleans and prevents mold and mildew
• Non-irritating
• No harsh fumes or residual chemicals
• No chlorine bleach or Ammonia
• Readily Biodegradable
• Light Fresh Citrus Scent
• Cuts through tough Grease and Grime
• Non Abrasive
• Phosphate Free
• Safe for everyday use to clean up and disinfect all surfaces
• Kills Influenza Virus H1N1, Ecoli,

Perfect for use in all areas from home to manufacturing and agricultural.

Cleans and disinfects: Kitchens, bathrooms, patio furniture walls, floors, toys, sporting equipment, machinery, equipment, tools, conveyors, vents, work benches, floors, walls, cafeterias, showers, vinyl, rubber, plastic, metals….etc

Can also be used as a stain remover. 

If you are purchasing from a business or commercial location, please contact us prior to purchase as you may be eligible for additional discounts

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