Armor All Professional Velocity Clear Coat Protectant

Commercial Systems, Clear Coat Protectants, Waxes and Drying Agents

Brand: Armor All Professional

Product Code: ZEP-30001895

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A rich dreamsicle scented liquid containing polymeric silicones that provides luster and durability to clear coats and painted surfaces.



- Advanced protection against acid rain, road salt and other environmental pollutants.
- Prevents surface degradation such as paint oxidation and dulling.
- Enhances luster.
- Improves water repellency.
- Eliminates window streaking.
- Dream-sicle scented for customer appeal in self-serves high pressure automatics, and all conveyor car washes.
- Designed to be foamed-on or low pressure spray applied. 

Available in 5gal and 15gal sizes

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