Armor All Professional High Pressure Soap Watermelon

Commercial Systems, Wand Wash and High-PH Soaps

Brand: Armor All Professional

Product Code: ZEP-31435

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Concentrated mild alkaline liquid detergent. This fast acting detergent gently penetrates and loosens the most difficult road soils and oils for quick and complete removal. Can be used on prep guns, as two-step presoak for conveyor, in-bay washes, and as a high pressure soap in self-serve car washes.



 • Penetrates and loosens the most difficult road soils and oils.

 • Safe on aluminum and other soft metals.

 • Concentrated, economical to use.

 • High foam level.

 • Watermelon scent.

 • Effective in hard water up to 15 grains.

Available in 5gal, 30gal, and 55gal sizes

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