Armor All Professional Extreme Shine

Commercial Systems, Clear Coat Protectants, Waxes and Drying Agents

Brand: Armor All Professional

Product Code: ZEP-311935

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Scented liquid concentrate containing both carnauba wax and polymer for extreme shine on vehicle exterior paint, glass and chrome. 



- Features Carnauba Wax and polymer blend for high shine effects.
- High foaming for use in Lava arches as a revenue generating service.
- Pleasant scent of fruity grape fragrance for customer appeal.
- Deep purple color to enhance application appeal.
- Free rinsing and promotes vehicle drying
- High vehicle shine
- Can be used after Rain-X or before AAP Body Shield application for enhanced shine and protection
- Does not contain MSO or silicone fluid. 

Available in 5gal and 15gal sizes

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